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  Embroidered Patches-Round Swiss Patch   Product Information
Embroidered Patches-Round Swiss Patch More Info
Item code MP-1544
Price $6.95
  Embroidered Patches-Switzerland w/Blue Background   Product Information
Embroidered Patches-Switzerland w/Blue Background More Info
Item code FH 3-7005
Price $6.95
  Embroidered Patches-Switzerland w/Edelweiss   Product Information
Embroidered Patches-Switzerland w/Edelweiss More Info
Item code MFH 3-7008
Price $6.95
  Embroidered Patches-Switzerland w/St. Bernard   Product Information
Embroidered Patches-Switzerland w/St. Bernard More Info
Item code MP 1183
Price $6.95
  Flags - CH-Lampion round   Product Information
Lanterns - Lampions More Info
Item code 30.002.C
Price $6.95
  Flags - Zug Lampion   Product Information
Lanterns - Lampions More Info
Item code 33.001.c
Price $6.95
  Small Flag on Stick-Swiss   Product Information
Small Flags on a Stick-Swiss Flag More Info
Item code Flag-on-Stick-Swiss
Price $5.75
  Flag-Toothpicks - Swiss Flags   Product Information
Cocktail Toothpicks with Swiss Flags - 30 per Bag More Info
Item code Ftooth
Price $3.95
  Edelweiss Decal   Product Information
Edelweiss Decal More Info
Item code PP-715/S or PP-715/L
Base Price $3.50
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  Canton Shield Decal   Product Information
Canton Shield Decal More Info
Item code Shield Decals
Base Price $2.95
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