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Swiss Langenthal China

Langenthal is superior quality porcelain china that is sought by individuals, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. Roberts European Imports is the exclusive importer of Langenthal China in the United States. We carry 7 patterns: Alpage, Lioba, Edelweiss, Holstein, Alp, Poya, Swiss Cross.

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  Langenthal China: Alp Pattern-Espresso Saucer   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern #14743 - Espresso Saucer 4.5" dia. More Info
Item code ALP-17111
Price $11.00
  Langenthal China:Alpage-Espresso Saucer   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern #D9673 Espresso Saucer More Info
Item code AL-17131
Price $11.00
  Langenthal China:Alpage-Fondue/Salad Plate   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern #D9673 Fondue/Salad Plate More Info
Item code AL-21201
Price $24.00
  Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern - Creamer   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern #D9673 Creamer More Info
Item code AL-35151
Price $22.00
  Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern - Mug   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern #D9673 - Mug 8 oz More Info
Item code AL-00301
Price $22.00
  Langenthal China:Alpage-Sugar/Pudding Bowl   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alpage-Pattern #D9673 Small Sugar/Pudding Bowl More Info
Item code AL-14101
Price $18.00
  Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern #14743 Fondue/Salad Plate   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern #14743 - Fondue/Salad/Dessert Plate 7.75" dia. More Info
Item code ALP-21201
Price $24.00
  Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern Espresso Cup   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern #14743 - Espresso Cup 2.6 oz More Info
Item code ALP-08081
Price $16.00
  Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern Mug   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern #14743 - Mug 8 oz More Info
Item code ALP-06281
Price $22.00
  Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern Regular Cup   Product Information
Langenthal China:Alp-Pattern #14743 - Regular Cup 6 oz More Info
Item code ALP-08181
Price $18.00
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